Description: I just love chihuahuas! If you have ever seen one, I bet you never forgot him. I saw one for the first time in the park next to my apartment. I stopped there, watching that curious creature that was running as if it was a hovercraft, on airbag. I wondered: that dog really had no legs?

Chihuahua dogs are alert and very suspicious, this is why they never go too far from their owner.

Physical characteristics: 15-23 cm, 1-3 kg. Bold, large skull. Very proportionate.

Temperament: I can say only four words about that: loving, loving, loving, and affectionate. But with such loving nature comes the dark side: they are very jealous. If there is anybody in the room who is petted, it must be them. And if they stay in your arms and shiver, don’t worry, they are just happy to be there, loved and cared for and they are desperate to get all the love you can give them. That makes them perfect companion dogs for hospitals and asylums. Easy to be handled, they do not scare, neither the children, nor the old people.

Health: Being that quick and ready to be loved any time, they jump their way in your arms. This is why they are prone to fracture their thin feet-bones. And don’t be fooled by their size: they snore like a hippo, because of their short muzzle. Being sensitive, they suffer stress-related diseases, such as neurosis, fear etc.
If you want to know more about how to care for chihuahua dogs, this book might help!

Maintenance/Grooming: Groom monthly. The dog does not require frequent grooming, mainly because of his short hair.

Training: If you ask me about training, I will ask you back: why train such a dog? Its loving and friendly nature makes him easy to be handled. Not being massive dogs, you woldn’t want to use chihuahuas for difficult tasks. So…

Anyhow, being that jealous, you may encounter difficulties in his behaviour, if not socialized properly. But do not worry, in cases like this, the dog is not that difficult to train, because it is an intelligent dog.

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Breeding, puppies: Because of their round, large skull, chihuahua dogs need generally cesarian sections to be born.

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