Description: Do you know what collies look like ? Don’t tell me you do not know Lassie, I won’t buy that (there are many people who think that "Lassie" is the name of the breed).

Physical characteristics: These dogs have a very well proportioned body. The head must never be massive (I find it quite delicate), the body is firm and full of muscles, the forelegs are more muscular as compared to the hindlegs. Of course, the best knowm thing about collies is their rich coat, which forms a kind of "mane" (but the head and the legs have short hair.

Temperament: At their origin, they were herding dogs, this is why they have good protecting abilities. Like all working dogs, they need organized activities otherwise they'll grow up boistrous. Trained with a gentle, loving hand, they will learn quickly and happily. Their looks is proud, elegant and also cautious.

Health: It is, generally, considered a healthy dog. Who would’t be if well fed, enough exercised and living in a loving environment?

Maintenance/Grooming: It sheds a lot. Come on, be serious: if you had such long hair, wouldn’t you comb it daily? The collie dog needs a serious grooming at least once a week, and a good petting daily with the special glove for dogs.

Training: Easily trainable, because of their intelligence. They have a very good concentration, speed, intelligence and an intense desire to please.

Varieties: Rough coat collie, Smooth coat collie (the last one is also called Scottish collie).
Border collie (it is considered a different breed)
Bearded collie (it is considered as a different breed).

Famous dogs: Lassie, of course (and did you know that in the original movie Lassie Come Home there was Elizabeth Taylor, as a kid?). Then Queen Victoria’s collies, at Balmoral Castle, in Scotland.

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