German Shepherds

Description: Who doesn't know the German shepherds? Do you know Rin Tin Tin, the famous alsatian film hero? Is there any teenager not wishing to have one or to be like one? And why is that? Because he is joyful, intelligent, loved both by adults and kids, and helpful.
Loyal and subtle, the German shepherd can live in an apartment if the master exercises him sufficiently. He is also famous for its working skills. Fearless, very intelligent and alert, well muscled and agile, with stamina, he is a part of almost any K9 team.

Physical characteristics: The dog should be longer than tall. There should be a gentile sloping back of about 25 degrees from the vertical. The ears are erect and slightly pointed. Colors range from solid black to black and tan, black and creme, sable and even red or auburn highlights. The hair can be straight or waved. It has round feet with hard soles.
Male dog: 60-65 cm, female 55-60. Weight: around 35-40 kg. This size will be reached at 10-18 months.

Temperament : The German shepherds are stable and sound, playful, yet calm. Very loyal and strongly bonded to their owners. Very social, they become easily depressed and destroy thing around if left too much alone.

Health: Their main problems are digestive. Being so committed to helping people and so ambitious, the German shepherds develop digestive troubles (don’t we all do due to stress in family and at work?). The gastric torsion is an emergency. The breed is often exposed to that because of their deep chest.
They may develop as well hip and elbow dysplasia, and, of course, flea allergies or even seizures.

Maintenance/Grooming: The German shepherd sheds all the time, because it is a “double coated” breed. That is why at least a brush a day is necessary. They do not like it and fortunately and do not need frequent baths.

Training: Easy to be done, because they are loyal, they love people and live being together. They have a true sense of bonding to their owner. With no hysterical barking, they bark only if necessary and attack only if necessary. Their aggressivity is due to poor training, isolation and poor handling.
They make good police dogs (tracking dog for drugs) and military dogs (tracking buried mines), guard dogs, companion dogs (for visually impaired people, if their temperament is not too “hot” or if they are aged enough) or movie/TV show dogs (carrying stuff, answering the phone, doing all sort of tricks), sheep dogs and other utility dogs (search and rescue dog, finding disappeared cats, snakes or other pets).
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Breeding, puppies: The average litter consists of 7-8 puppies. The puppies are very funny. Seeing them, one may easily believe that never, and I mean it, a cute thing like this could make a police dog.

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