Great Danes

Description: The great danes are those dogs that are "as big as a cow calf".

Physical characteristics: Males, 76-86 cm, females 71-81 cm. Weight: males 55-90 kg, females 45-60 kg. The larger the dog is, the more prized it is.

Temperament: The great dane is the "gentle giant". Who will try to enter your property seeing such a dear in the backyard? And you should hear its voice! But in spite of their frightening appearance, they thrive in a loving environment. Because of their size, not many offer to pet them, that is why great dane dogs crave for that. And if you make the mistake to show them you love them, they will jump on your shoulders and try to sit on your lap.

Health: The great danes are prone to hip dysplasia, taking into account their big size. Then tumors and heart conditions.

Maintenance/Grooming: Easy to be groomed, because of its short hair. Average shedder. The nails need to be trimmed.

Training: Good for tracking, carting and as a watchdog. Slightly difficult to train, because of their size and enthusiasm. Nevertheless, it is compulsory to train them from the early months, so as to be easy to handle when fully grown.

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Varieties: The great dane dogs have several varieties, based on color: fawn, brindle, black, blue, mantle harlequin and sometimes merle. The blue danes may have blue eyes as well.

Famous dogs: Scooby Doo and Marmaduke.

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