Jack Russell Dog Pictures

And here are some more Jack Russell dog pictures.

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A Jack Russell Terrier Plays with a S...
Heather Perry

Who is he waiting for?

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Jack Russell Terrier Near...
Jim Corwin

Always playing!

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Jack Russell Terrier Playing with Ball
Philip Corwin

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Robin Schwartz

After so much play, a little nap is welcome.

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Played Out

This one is sad, it makes me feel so sorry for him!

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Sir Dicksee

These ones, instead, are having a good time.

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He Who Pays the Piper
Brent Hayes

But while others play, someone has to go to work.

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The Dare (detail)

A family photo... and try to be serious, please!

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Jack Russell
Carol Ican

I told you they're working dogs, didn't I?

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Left in Charge
Philip Stretton

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On Guard

This one knows what he wants.

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All Mine, 1895
Arthur Elsley

Speaking of work, the dogs are also very good as fashion stylists :-)

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The New Dress
Arthur Elsley

They are always busy, so here are some more jack russell dog pictures, either visiting their friends...

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Visiting Time
Henry Garland

...or taking walks in the snow...

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Short Walks
Dan Caskie

...or just doing something they were not supposed to do.

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A Misfit of Jack Russell ...

So tell me, what do you think: does size really matter?

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Large and Small Dog in Park

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