Jack Russell Terrier

Description: The funny Jack Russell Terrier is well known to all of us, ever since we were little kids, from the old timers, who enjoyed Charlie Chaplin's Jack Russell who was cheating at cards, to our kids and nephews, who love the adventures of Wishbone and Milo (The Mask).
Bred by the reverend John Russell from Devonshire for fox hunting, the Jack Russell terriers are active, very demanding dogs, inquisitive, courageous and full of initiatives. They won't think twice before chasing not only a fox, but a badger, a rat and, worse enough, a bigger dog or a cow.
The American name of the Jack Russell dogs is Parson Russell Terrier, but the European breeders consider that they are not the same.

Group: Working Terrier.

Physical characteristics: Height: 12-14 inches (25-35 cm) Weight: 14-18 pounds (6-8 kg)

Temperament: The main temperamental characteristic of this small dog is the fact that the Jack Russell terrier doesn’t seem to be aware of its small size. It has a brave heart and an endless stock of energy.
The Jack Russell is intelligent and bold, playful, exuberant and very tenacious. Even if it can find fun in everything and can work out by himself, it is a dog that requires a lot of attention and loving care.
For its cuteness, a lot of people take a Russell as a pet, but after a while they give it up. The dog proves to be too much to handle. Its curiosity and its hunting habits make the Jack Russell to be very tenacious, if its interest is caught by something. Thus, that they can dig a whole day to escape, just to go for the neirhbour's cat.
It is not a dog who likes the company of other dogs (you cannot own more that two Jack Russell terriers, of opposite sexes, otherwise your house will become a battlefield). As well, the dog would not accept misbehaviour from children (they are suited for children bigger than 8 years old).
They are quick, alert... and bark a lot. So, if you want to have fun with them, make sure you can handle them as well.

Health: The dog is prone to accidents due to its bold nature. The Jack Russell terrier cannot appreciate the danger of a situation, this is why some breeders recommend to the owners to have a telephone agenda with the phone numbers of the closest vet when going in a trip with the family's dog. You can never know.
The common ailments are patellar luxation (they jump and run all the time), diseases of the hip joints, eye problems, skin problems and, if too fat, cardiomiopathy or problems with the blood sugar.
If you overwork the dog, or if you really take the dog hunting, it should be fit and it should have eaten before the hunting, otherwise the physical effort can determine low sugar levels.
Being a white dog, it is prone as well to deafness.

Maintenance/Grooming: The Jack Russell Terrier does not requires too much grooming. They need regular brushing with a firm bristle brush.
Bathe your terrier whenever it takes on a yellow cast. It is important to trim the nails regularly.
After working out in the fields, it is important to flush its eyes with sterile water to prevent problems.

Training: This intelligent, active and inquisitive dog requires obedience training, as well as early socialization. They have a mind of their own and in the end they manage to train their owners (and not viceversa).
They are overprotective and wouldn't stand to be mistreated. That's why it is very important, if you decide for a Jack Russell, to do your homework first.
Well conducted, the Jack Russell terrier is one of the most satisfying dogs. It is funny and you never have a dull moment with it.
With no early socialization, the dog can prove to be dangerous for small pets and strangers. If left unattended and unemployed, the dog will find fun by himself, but this means a lot of distruction and aggresivity.
They love visitors and attention and they will tend to jump on every new comer.

With proper training, the Jack Russell terriers will make perfect companions for an active family. I insist: for this breed, training is a must-do.

If by now you are discouraged, you don't have to. Here is a book that can help you (I have chosen it from all the others because it has only 5 and 4 star reviews):

You will see that training your dog is not difficult to do, and in the process you also create a bond with him and become best friends.

Breeding, puppies: the average number of puppies is between 4 to 8.

Varieties: The color of this dog is mainly white, with tan, black or tri-color markings. The colors are clear.
The Jack Russell dogs have three coat types: smooth, rough and broken. All of them are shedding, but the smooth one sheds the most.

Famous dogs: As I had already mentioned, Wishbone, from the film with the same name for children, Eddie from the "Frasier" series, Milo from "The Mask" and Chalky, the funny dog of the famous English cook, Rick Stein.

For Jack Russell terrier pictures, click here and here.

For Jack Russell terrier puppy pictures, click here (by the way, I have also seen the spelling "Jack Russell terrior", but it's not the right one).


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