Lucy Grace

by Dana Elmore
(Troy, Alabama)

Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace
Number 1 National Champion Doggie
I saw Lucy Grace with Santa
Stepping Into A New Day

Name: Lucy Grace

Weight: 7.5lbs
Length: 18 inches
Breed: Dachshund Miniature Smooth Short Hair
Color: Red
Birthday: September 15, 2008
Birthday Place: Atlanta, Georgia
Current Resident: 1124 Troy, Alabama

Lucy Grace
(A Gift from God to Me)
(By Dana Elmore)

A name that came from God's Grace. Lucy Grace is a miniature dashund, red in color, short haired, weighing 7.5lbs. Lucy came to me during a terrible time of trouble, as I was going through a dark and dreaded divorce. Lucy Grace was given to me when she was six weeks old. Lucy Grace came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to the small town of Troy, Alabama. FREE was the price of Lucy. Jennifer gave her to me and named her Lucy because she had a little brother named Louie, a sister named Lou Lou and Lucy was named after her mommy Lucy Lu. Lucy was the smallest dachshund of the litter.

As I prepared myself for a little live in friend, I had to battle the dreaded days and nights of going through a divorce, with Lucy always by my side, whining and missing her mommy. Who needed this little whining cute bundle of joy and grace, when I was crying and upset myself? But sure enough I felt God had sent her to me during this time for a reason. Lucy Grace was her name. Grace is a name that comes free of charge with a huge price that was paid when our Savior died on the cross for our sins. Lucy Grace was sent to me by God's wonderful Amazing Grace. That is how she received her name Lucy Grace. God's Grace was sent at a time when I needed it the most. Going through a divorce, I definitely needed something and it was God's Grace. God works in
mysterious ways. His grace is always given and shown through the simplest little things in life. In my case it was a small miniature crying dachshund. You just have to accept and look for God's Grace whenever he throws it your way. His Grace is sufficient enough to guide you in anything you are going through or might go through. God sent a little loveable miniature dachshund my way to help me cope with a terrible situation called divorce. Grace is always given and shown in the simplest things in life.

Now, when I come home from a hard day's work, Lucy Grace is waiting for me with a nice big hug and a kiss. She loves her mommy just like the Lord loves us. So I remember God's Grace everyday when I see my little Lucy Grace.

Lucy loves to play with her toys, eat her favorite doggie food and play with her friend Bell. Lucy also loves to run with the big boys, Robby, Seth and Colton, my precious little nephews. Lucy loves to visit granddaddy and nana too. Lucy has celebrated all the major holidays and family events. She also has had her very own special first birthday party with gifts. Everyday with Lucy Grace is exciting and fun filled. She is a true expression of God's Grace to me. Look for God's Grace, it surely can be found even in a cute little miniature dachshund named Lucy Grace, always standing by my side as close to me as our Savior is. I love Lucy Grace, God's Gift to me.

Thank you for your wonderful story! The little Lucy Grace is really a wonderful dog. I wish you all the best in the future, together with your precious dachshund. And please remember to give her a big hug from me, too!

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