The Yorkshire Terrier
(a.k.a. Yorkie)

Description: The Yorkshire Terrier (a.k.a. Yorkie) is really *the* purse dog. Have you ever fantasized to take your best friend almost anywhere, without a leash...and without back aches? Well, then you should get a Yorkshire Terrier. When the dog is not in your bag, it’ll surely try to be on your lap, because it loves attention and, being that little, prefers security. And why not petting it all day long, since it has such a nice long silky coat? In fact, the breed was all man-made, no more than 100 years ago, for this only purpose : to be your best frient and companion. The probable origin is the region of Yorkshire, in England, hence the name.

Group: Terrier, Toy

Physical characteristics: Height: 6-7 inches (15-17½ cm.) Weight: 7 pounds (3.2 kg.)
So…take care with the cat. It will eventually outgrown your “guard dog”.

Temperament: The Yorkshire terrier is not the coach potato it might seem. It is very lively and likes to search every inch of the house and of the owner’s body (you can never guess where those humans keep the treats).
Very affectionate, the yorkie needs constant attention and pampering and if you do not intend to give it to him, it will bark and chew and turn your bed upside down. And how is it with the children ? Man, the Yorkie *is* the child of the family. It will treat politely the children if they don’t threaten its position and don’t tease it.
Don’t listen to those owners who complain that Yorkies are not trainable. They are, but the owners generally treat them as little babies, and the dogs, of course, will eventually behave like spoiled, unmanageable children (the same is true with real children, too).

Health: The main problems are due to the fact that they have thin bones, and they tend to jump a lot. They are brave little dogs, not only once there were situations in which they went to chase bigger dogs.
As well as the bones, their teeth are prone to infections, so oral hygiene is very important. Feeding the Yorkshire terrier with dry food is of great importance in order to maintain its teeth healthy.
Orthopedic interventions are difficult because they do not stand very well the anesthetic and the measure of their bones make difficult to find the appropriate instruments, brooches and splints.

Maintenance/Grooming: The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is long, straight and silky, formed by hairs, and not fur like other breeds. They do not have undercoat and they don’t shed. But, being long, the coat needs daily grooming. If the hair on the head is long, it should be secured with a bow.
Ears, eyes and teeth should be cleaned daily. The coat may be trimmed to the floor length. Full grooming interval should be 4-6 weeks.

Training: Are you sure you want to do that? If the aswer is yes, well, the yorkie is trainable because, like almost all small breeds, it has to be intelligent to thrive in this harsh world. But you have to be firm, otherwise your Yorkie will blackmail you to spoil it (like every child, isn’t it ?). Praise it a lot because the only thing a Yorkie cannot stand is to be ignored.
It does not need a lot of exercise, as it uses a lot of energy trying to follow you all over the house.

Breeding, puppies: Yorkshire terriers are born black and tan, gradually attaining their blue and tan coloration as they mature.
The litter varies from 3 to 5 puppies. Mother Yorkie is a good mum, but she might experience problems when delivering, due to her toy size.

Varieties: Dark steel blue or tan, the solid colour, not mingled with other colors like black, fawn or bronze. The head and legs are tan, darker at the roots and lighter at the tip.

Famous dogs: Toto, from the original version of The Wizzard of Oz. And, maybe as faimous as Rin Tin Tin, the German Shepherd, was Smoky, the Yorkshire terrier hero of the World War II, who, using her tiny size, helped with the communications. She survived the war and came back home with her master.

For more info about this breed, I higly recommend this site:

All About Yorkshire Terriers,
The Most Complete Guide For Yorkshire Terriers.

You'll find pictures of yorkies, tips on grooming and housetraining, history of the breed and many more useful advice for their masters.

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